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7D_Registration_Form - Registration Form Employee...

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Rubanne Specialties Annual Employee Charity Golf Tournament The administrative team of Rubanne Specialties hosts a golf tournament each year for its employees. Proceeds from the tournament are given to the Greater Montreal Food Bank. This year the tournament will be held at the Regency Country Club in Montreal on May 14 and 15. Various prizes are awarded to individuals and foursomes. In addition to the two rounds of golf, continental breakfast and lunch are available each day for an additional fee. Consider joining us this year for fun and fellowship with your coworkers.
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Unformatted text preview: Registration Form Employee Information Name: Department: Phone: E-Mail: Home Address: f2a9bd2aae3264e1f9c29903b2ddfdf2cd27d68f Use the Excel spreadsheet below to calculate the total amount due. Amount Enclosed $ Please send your check and a copy of the completed registration form to Adriana Ramos, Chief Financial Officer, at our Montreal address. Make checks payable to Rubanne Specialties Golf Tournament. f2a9bd2aae3264e1f9c29903b2ddfdf2cd27d68f...
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7D_Registration_Form - Registration Form Employee...

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