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8G_Entertainers_Directory - Magician Peter Fruehauf...

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Agua Azul Caribbean Cruises Available Entertainers Name Home Phone Talent Bonita Mathews 786-555-9110 Dancer Benjamin Cox 305-555-8822 Dancer Ginger Sciorelli 305-555-4381 Dancer Yoki Ueno 786-555-7736 Dancer Laureano Nieto 305-555-4218 Dancer Christopher Lambert 305-555-8282 Disc Jockey Cynthia Teets 305-555-1198 Disc Jockey Ronald Richter 305-555-4211
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Unformatted text preview: Magician Peter Fruehauf 305-555-9020 Magician Romain Picard 305-555-7662 Musician Todd Bentham 305-555-3675 Singer Vanessa Newman 786-555-7553 Singer Lorelei Green 305-555-6499 Singer Giselda Fanucci 305-555-6123 Singer Howard Fulcher 786-555-4833 Singer 2ca894d751a6661c8cc0b90585f6547c356d4be4...
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  • Spring '11
  • NA
  • American film actors, American television actors, American child actors, Christopher Lambert Cynthia Teets Ronald Richter Peter Fruehauf Romain Picard, Todd Bentham Vanessa Newman Lorelei Green Giselda Fanucci Howard Fulcher, Dancer Dancer Dancer

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