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A collection of information, such as a Microsoft Word document, stored on a computer under a single name is aYour answer: file.Correct answer (4 points): file. The primary method of entering information into your computer is theYour answer: keyboard.Correct answer (4 points): keyboard. A keyboard ________ is a key or combination of keys that performs a task that would otherwise require a mouse.Your answer: shortcutCorrect answer (4 points): shortcut The ________ displays commands that are commonly used with the selected object and fades from view when the mouse pointer is moved away.Your answer: Mini toolbarCorrect answer (4 points): Mini toolbar Microsoft Office's centralized space for tasks related to file management is called theYour answer: Backstage view.Correct answer (4 points): Backstage view. The technology that shows the result of applying an editing or formatting change before it is applied is calledYour answer: Live Preview.Correct answer (4 points): Live Preview.
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Unformatted text preview: The Ribbon in each Microsoft program contains these three elements:Your answer: tabs, groups, and commands.Correct answer (4 points): tabs, groups, and commands. The ________ allows the user to copy the formatting of specific text and apply it to other locations in the document.Your answer: Format PainterCorrect answer (4 points): Format Painter Choose the term that best describes the given list or phrase Item: [bold, italic, underline] Your answer: Font stylesCorrect answer (1.6 points): Font styles Item: [turns a feature on and off] Your answer: Toggle ButtonCorrect answer (1.6 points): Toggle Button Item: [1/72 of an inch] Your answer: PointCorrect answer (1.6 points): Point Item: [temporary storage area that holds items that have been cut or copied] Your answer: Office ClipboardCorrect answer (1.6 points): Office Clipboard Item: [allows for the copying of the formatting of selected text] Your answer: Format PainterCorrect answer (1.6 points): Format Painter...
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