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3 - affected by the location of the insertion point when...

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Which key is used to move from cell to cell in a Word table? : Tab The default line spacing within a Word table is : single spacing with no space before or after paragraphs. When creating a table with four columns, the size of each column will: be of equal width. To no longer display black borders around table cells,: on the Design tab, in the Tables Styles Group, click the Borders button arrow and choose No Border. When using the New from existing command, which of the following is NOT true? : The new document appears as "Copy of" followed by the old document name. The Find command: searches the entire document regardless of insertion point position: is
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Unformatted text preview: affected by the location of the insertion point when the command is invoked. When responding to spelling or grammar errors, right-clicking the shortcut menu: offers fewer options than the Spelling and Grammar dialog box. When looking for another word that means the same as "ruler," you could use the: thesaurus. Choose the term that best describes the given phrase [flags possible usage errors]: Blue wavy line [flags words not in Word's dictionary]: Red wavy line [example of the AutoCorrect feature]: "teh" becomes "the" [found in the Thesaurus]: synonym : [flags possible grammatical errors] : Green wavy line...
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