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5 - style character To change the spacing after a paragraph...

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Which feature in Word that is a group of formatting commands, such as font, font size, font color, paragraph alignment and line spacing? style Which of the following is NOT included in the styles window as a particular type of style? : chart style A ________ chart is used to show comparison among related: data column The process of inserting a chart in your document so that it becomes a part of a Word document is known as: embedding. When the feature "keep lines together" is used, the user is telling the computer program to: prevent a single line from displaying by itself at the bottom or top of the page. If you wish to format characteristics that you apply to text, for example font or font color use
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Unformatted text preview: ________ style: character To change the spacing after a paragraph use ________ to adjust the spacing: Page Layout tab, paragraph When you create a new style the new style is stored with: the document. Choose the term that best describes the given phrase [a blue line that surrounds the cells that display in the chart] data range border [display the value represented by the data marker] data labels [identifies the colors assigned to each data category] legend [visual look of a chart in terms of its graphics, colors, and background]: chart style [numbers that represent facts] :numerical data...
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