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A table style can include formatting for all of the following EXCEPT: the entire document. You can apply a table style when the insertion point is positioned ________ a table.: anywhere within ________ is the process of combining two or more adjacent cells into one cell. Merging When a table has a header row, Word displays each column’s header text in the ________ list in the Sort dialog box. : Sort by The Insert Caption button can be found on the ________ tab.:References When drawing a table, lines can be removed by: Using the Eraser button.
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Unformatted text preview: The ________ is the amount of space between a cells content and the borders of the cell. : cell margin An Excel spreadsheet can be added to your Word document from the ________ tab.: Insert Choose the term that best describes the given phrase [A mathematical expression]: Formula [A placeholder for data]: Field [Performs calculations by using specific values in a particular order that usually returns a value to a cell.] Function [Titles that can be added to Word objects] Caption [A table within a table] Nested table...
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