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Mail merge is a Word feature that joins a data source with the ________ document to create a customized mailing labels document.: main After the Finish and Merge step is completed when creating a group of envelopes, each individual is separated by ________ section breaks. :next page A(n) ________ rule can be applied to a mail merge process, for example, to find "Cruise length, greater than or equal to 10 days.": If Then Else A type of letter that has standardized wording that can be sent to many different people is known as a ________ letter.: form A merged field is surrounded by characters known as ________. : chevrons A table inserted into a cell of an existing table is referred to as a(n) ________ table. :
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Unformatted text preview: nested Rules can be added by going to the Mailings Tab and then selecting rules from the ________ Group.: Write & Insert Fields To merge a document you need a(n) ________ source with a main document.: data Choose the term that best describes the given list or phrase [Large mailing that is sorted by ZIP code and eligible for reduced postal rates] : Bulk mail [Maps predefined field names to field names in the data source]: Match field [The tab used to create mail merge]: Mailings tab [Conditional Word fields that allow you to personalize a final document]: Rules [The character used to punctuate after the Salutation in a business letter]: Colon...
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