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Chapter 13 Test : Name ____________________________________________ : Date _________________________ . Type your name and date at the top of this document Copy the - Step by step Template for Assignments at the bottom of the document Show all your work in the Your Solution column Place your Final Answer in the final answer column Remember to use the equation editor to create any special mathematical symbols Use Microsoft Excel to create charts and . graphs 1. . Write the answer to the problem as an algebraic expression A theater . ticket for adults is a dollars and the price of a child's ticket is C dollars If 29 adults , and 45 children attend the theater one night how much money did the theater make? 2. . Substitute to find the value of the expression A train must cover a . , , distance of 2398 miles The velocity in miles per hour of the train is 2398t where t , , . is the time in hours to complete the trip If the train completes the trip in 22 , hours what is its velocity? 3. + =- , , . State whether x2 6 8x represents a linear quadratic or exponential function . Explain the reason for picking your answer 4. . Use patterns or a linear equation to find the value of a and b x 2 3 8 10 a y 22 b 88 110 330 5. . Determine if the relationship represented in the table is linear If it , . is linear write an equation x 2 5 7 10 12 20 y - 3 0 2 5 7 15 6. , , On August 28 the Corwin family received 27 pieces of mail consisting of , , , . magazines bills letters and ads If they received the same number of magazines as
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2010-02-26_161648_irmath157_chapt13_test - Chapter 13 Test...

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