Assign 1 - find an adaptor with output less than 3 V He...

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1 ECED3201: Introduction to Electronics Fall 2008 Dalhousie University, Department of Electrical and computer Engineering Assignments #1 1- For the circuits shown in Fig. 1 using ideal diodes, find the values of the voltages and currents indicated. Fig. 1 2- In each of the ideal-diode circuits shown in Fig.2, v I is a 1-kHz, 10V peak sine wave. Sketch the waveform resulting at v O . What are v O positive and negative peak values? Fig. 2 3- Consider a silicon diode with n=1.5. Find the change in voltage if the current changes from 0.1 mA to 10mA. 4- Assume a constant-voltage drop model with V D = 0.7V for each diode in the circuit shown in Fig.3. Find the current through each diode and the voltage at each node.
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2 Fig. 3 5- An electrical engineering student has lost his 2.1- V cellphone charger and couldn’t
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Unformatted text preview: find an adaptor with output less than 3 V. He then decides to put his knowledge of electronics into action and constructs the circuit shown in Fig. 4, where three identical diodes in forward bias produce a total voltage of V out = 3V D 2.1V and R sustains the remaining 900mV. Neglect the current drawn by the cellphone for the sake of simplicity. (a) Determine the diode saturation current, I s , so that V out =2.1V. Assume n=1. (b) Use the iterative-analysis procedure to compute V out if the adaptor voltage, V ad , changes to 3.2V. (c) Repeat (b) with the aid of a small-signal analysis. R = 150 Ω +-Cellphone Adaptor I D V ad = 3V I cell 0 +-V out Fig. 4 Due date: September 23, 2008 at noon. Late submission will not be accepted....
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Assign 1 - find an adaptor with output less than 3 V He...

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