assign 3 - 6 V peak 100 Hz sinusoid applied at the input 2...

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1 ECED3201: Introduction to Electronics Fall 2008 Dalhousie University, Department of Electrical and computer Engineering Assignments #3 1- The circuit in Fig.1 implements a complementary-output rectifier. Assume a 0.7-V drop across each conducting diode. a. Sketch and clearly label the waveforms of v O + and v O - . b. If the peak of v O + is 27.5 V, find the ratio between the primary and the secondary windings (N 1 /N 2 ). c. What is the PIV of each diode. Fig.1 1- Consider the circuit shown in Fig.2. R 1 = 10k W V 1 = 2V v I + - + - V 2 = 4V R 2 = 10k W + + _ _ v O D 1 D 2 Fig.2 a. Assume here that the diodes are ideal. Sketch the output voltage v O versus the input v I when v I changes over the range of 8V (Explain by equations how you obtain this plot). b. From the results obtained in (a), sketch the waveform resulting at the output for a
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Unformatted text preview: 6 V peak, 100 Hz sinusoid applied at the input. 2 c. Inspired from the circuit shown in Fig.2, design the limiters that will yield the voltage transfer functions shown in Fig.3. Assume in this part that each diode has a 0.7 V drop when conducting. 5 5 v I-2.5-2.5 1 2 1 1 v O (a) (c) 4 4 v I-4-4 3 1 1 1 v O v I (b) 2 2 1 1 v O 6 4 1 2 Fig. 3 2- For the circuits in Fig. 4, each utilizing an ideal diode, sketch the output for the input shown. Explain how you obtain these waveforms. For the circuit shown in Fig.3.c, find v o while considering RC>T but not so much (e.g. RC 5T). You may perform approximate analysis for several cycles and show the final voltage levels of the v o . Fig. 4 Due date: October 7, 2008. Late submission will not be accepted ....
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assign 3 - 6 V peak 100 Hz sinusoid applied at the input 2...

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