assig4qsns - E and V C b If R B is raised to 270 k what...

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ECED3201: Introduction to Electronics Fall 2007 Dalhousie University, Department of Electrical and computer Engineering Assignments #4 1- A young designer, aiming to develop intuition concerning conducting paths within an integrated circuit, examines the end-to-end resistance of a connecting bar 10 m long, 3 m wide, and 1 m thick, made of various materials. The designer considers: a) Intrinsic silicon b) n-doped silicon with N D =10 16 /cm 3 c) n-doped silicon with N D =10 18 /cm 3 d) p-doped silicon with N A =10 10 /cm 3 e) Aluminum with resistivity of 2.8  .cm Find the resistance in each case. For intrinsic silicon, use n i 1.5 x 10 10 /cm3. For intrinsic and doped silicon, assume n =2.5 p =1200 cm 2 /V.s. (Recall that R = L / A ) 2- We wish to analyze the circuit in Fig. 1 to determined the voltages at all to nodes and the currents through all the branches, Assume V BE1 V EB2 0.7V and 1 = 2 =100. Fig. 1 3- In the circuit shown in Fig. 2, the transistor has V EB =0.7V and =30. a) Find the values of V B , V
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Unformatted text preview: E , and V C . b) If R B is raised to 270 k , what voltages result? c) With R B = 270k , what value of would return the voltages of the values first calculated? Fig. 2 4- A designer wishes to create a BJT amplifier with g m of 50mA/V and a base input resistance (r ) of 2000 or more. a) What collector-bias current should be chosen? b) What is the minimum that can be tolerated to be used for the transistor? 5- In the circuit of Fig.3, V C = 2V. If V CC = 5V, R C = 3 k , and a signal v be = 0.005sin t volts is applied: a) Find the expressions for the total instantaneous quantities i C (t), v C (t), and i B (t). The transistor has = 100. b) What is the voltage gain? Fig.3 6- Bonus Question : write a one page comprehensive and efficient summary about what you studied in the diode lectures. The more the summary is complete, the higher will be the mark. Due date: October 25, 2007. Late submission will not be accepted....
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assig4qsns - E and V C b If R B is raised to 270 k what...

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