assignment2 - is 10 low d What is the output voltage when...

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ECED3201: Introduction to Electronics Fall 2007 Dalhousie University, Department of Electrical and computer Engineering Assignments #2 1-. Consider V DD =3V, v (t)=0.01sin t, and R=1.5k in the circuit shown in Fig. 1 Assume that the diode has a 0.7V drop across when the ac signal v (t) is reduced to 0. Fig. 1 a. Find the dc current in the diode. b. Find the ac resistance of the diode (consider n=1). Assume the diode is at room temperature (V T 25mV). c. Write mathematical expressions (function of time) for the total current i D (t) through and voltage across the diode. d. What are minimum and maximum values of the current through the diode? 2- Design a 7.5 V zener regulator circuit, shown in Fig. 2, using a 7.5 V zener specified at 12 mA. The zener has an incremental resistance r Z = 30 and a knee current of 0.5 mA. The regulator operates from a V + =10 V supply and has a 1.2 k load. Fig. 2
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a. What is the value of R so that V o =7.5 V b. Find the line regulation c. What is the regulator output voltage when the supply is 10% high? and
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Unformatted text preview: is 10% low d. What is the output voltage when both the supply is 10% high and the load is removed? e. What is the smallest possible load resistor that can be used while the zener operates at a current no lower than the knee current while the supply is 10% low. 3- Consider the half-wave rectifier circuit of Fig. 3. Let v S be a sinusoid with 15 V peak amplitude, and let R=1.5k . Use the constant-voltage-drop diode model with V D =0.7V. Fig. 3 a. Sketch the transfer characteristic (v O in terms of v S ) b. Sketch the waveform of v O c. Find the average value of v O d. Find the peak current in the diode e. Find the PIV of the diode. 4- Design limiter circuits using only diodes and 10-k resistors to provide an output signal limited to the range: a. -0.7V and above b. -2.1V and above c. 1.4 V Assume that each diode has a 0.7 V drop when conducting. Due date: October 1, 2007. Late submission will not be accepted....
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assignment2 - is 10 low d What is the output voltage when...

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