sakaryassig3 - when the input changes over the range of ±...

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ECED3201: Introduction to Electronics Fall 2007 Dalhousie University, Department of Electrical and computer Engineering Assignments #3 1- It is required to use a peak rectifier to design a dc power supply that provides an average dc output voltage of 15 V on which a maximum of ± 1 V ripple is allowed. The rectifier feeds a load of 150 Ω . The rectifier is fed from the line voltage (120Vrms, 60 Hz) through a transformer. The diodes available have 0.7 V drop when conducting. If the designer opts for a full-wave bridge rectifier circuit: a) Specify the rms voltage that must appear across the transformer secondary. b) Find the required value of the filter capacitor. c) Find the maximum reverse voltage that will appear across the diodes, and specify the PIV rating of the diodes. d) Calculate the average current through the diodes during conduction. e) Calculate the peak diodes current. 2- For the circuits shown in Fig. 1, sketch the voltage at the outputs B and C
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Unformatted text preview: when the input changes over the range of ± 5V (sketch V B and V C versus V A ). For a 5 V peak, 100 Hz sinusoid applied at A, sketch the waveforms resulting at nodes B and C. Assume that each diode has a 0.7 V drop when conducting. Fig. 1 3- For the circuits in Fig. 2, each utilizing an ideal diode, sketch the output for the input shown. Explain how you obtain these waveforms. Assume CR>>T. Fig. 2 4- Calculate the built-in voltage of a junction in which the p and n regions are doped equally with 10 16 atoms/cm 3. Assume n i ≅ 10 10 atoms/cm 3 . With no external voltage applied, what is the width of the depletion region, and how far does it extend into the p and n regions?, If the cross-section area of the junction is 100 μ m 2 , calculate the junction capacitance C j . Due date: October 9, 2007. Late submission will not be accepted....
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sakaryassig3 - when the input changes over the range of ±...

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