Geo notes - 2 Component of group’s identity-can’t...

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Day 12 Holler announce that you’re coming in Lowland Scotts. Danny Boone + Davey Crocket Latitudinal Bias in Cultural Diffusion in US a- Arts and artifacts of culture diffusion via migration b- Migration of people and their culture had a “westward” latitudinal bias (move west) Geography of Religion a- Types of religion 1- monotheistic vs. polytheistic 2- Gods with personal identities vs. animism-aspects of nature seen as deities. 3- Universalizing vs. ethnic vs. folk 4- each type has its own geography and sacred space b- Universalizing religion 1- Key tenet- evangelize/ proselytize as broadly as possible 2- Message applies to all ethnic groups although sacred space or scripture/sacred texts may represent specific ethnic groups or languages. 3- May have multiple denominations and culture-specific local practices. I.e. Islam and Christianity c- Ethnic Religions 1- Regardless of converts, ethnic religions are dominated by one ethnic group.
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Unformatted text preview: 2- Component of group’s identity-can’t separate ethno linguistic component from ideological component 3- Proselytizing to other ethnic groups not a key tenet. I.e. Judaism and Hinduism d- Folk Religions Day 12 1- usually highly localized 2- animalistic and shamanistic ( healer ) 3- Closely integrated with natural landscape-group’s territory as sacred space 4- May experience syncretism or blending with universalizing religion. I.e. NA religions, Inca cosmologies, African tribal religions. e- Sacred space 1- Spaces that are considered holy or separate as part of religion 2- World’s most contested place-Jerusalem 3- I.e. Kabah, Ganges river 4- Parts of sanctuaries 5- For folk religions, may be particular mountains, natural rock formation, or traditional lands. 6- Burial grounds...
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Geo notes - 2 Component of group’s identity-can’t...

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