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Formal Lab Write-up Arjan Bains (21737753) Determination of Molarity Lab Julian Azar Abstract : In this experiment, students were asked to perform titrations of an unknown acid so that the students can understand the concept of acid-base neutralization and how the stoichiometric relationships between the reactants can affect the presence of an acidic or basic solution. Students had a sample of an unknown acid, a known base (and its molarity) and an acid-base indicator. Using the known molarity of the basic solution, the student could then neutralize the acid and use the data about the base in order to approximate the concentration of the original acid solution. Introduction : The experiment being performed here is a facilitated neutralization reaction between acids and bases. A known amount of NaOH base is reacted with an unknown amount of acid until the two reactants can balance each other out to create a neutral solution. This process is called titration, and it is a way for students to understand how the concentrations of basic reactant can be used to find out the number of moles of acid and its related molarity (stochiometric ideas) through observational techniques. Since it was assumed the amount of base required to neutralize the amount of acid was in a one-to-one ratio, by knowing the molarity and volume of basic solution needed in the titration could be used to find the moles and molarity of acid. Students were asked to dilute both the acid and the base so that the titration of solution would be easier to stop at the neutral green color. The data in the lab should show that similar amounts of constant molarities of NaOH base will be needed to neutralize the same amount of constant concentrations of a specific acid. By observing the closeness of the values, or precision, the student will be able to see stoichiometric ratios and the effect of the concentration of a solution affecting their results before their very eyes. Methods : At the beginning, the student was given an unknown acid, a known base and its molarity, and an indicator. The student first diluted the basic solution to 0.1 M and the acidic solution to a known volume so that the titration process would be easier to control and observe. In order to do the dilution of the base, the student was advised to use
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Formal Lab report - Formal Lab Write-up Determination of...

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