AP WH Mid Term Exam Practice Test 1

AP WH Mid Term Exam Practice Test 1 - AP WORLD HISTORY...

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AP WORLD HISTORY SEMESTER 1 EXAM QUIZ 1. Forgiveness of past sins, an indulgence , might be given for any of the following reasons except [A] becoming a monk. [B] a pious act. [C] a donation to the Church. [D] saying a particular prayer. [E] making a pilgrimage. 2. The Chinese acquired silk by [A] raising silk worms, and pioneering silk cloth production. [B] conquest of the neighboring Mongol regions. [C] hiring Japanese labor to work in textile mills. [D] importing raw silk from Europe. [E] encouraging Chinese “silk pirates” who raided merchant shipping. 3. The economic wealth of the early Roman State was based on [A] farming. [B] fishing. [C] the military. [D] mining. [E] mercantilism. 4. Muslim means [A] one who makes submission. [B] holy people. [C] the one true religion. [D] chosen for purity. [E] first followers. 5. During the Shang period, ancestor worship became important because [A] it allowed people to claim specific inheritance of property. [B] matrilineal descent was important for fertility. [C] ancestors had special influence with the gods. [D] ancestors were necessary to ensure the birth of male children. [E] it determined the social structure. 6. The Silk Road was a trade route connecting [A] Russia and Indonesia. [B] China and Japan. [C] India and Central Asia. [D] China and the Middle East. [E] India and the Mediterranean. 7. The Mongol leader, the khan, [A] deferred to the Mongol Parliament. [B] had his decisions ratified by a council. [C] was a figurehead only. [D] had no power to make decisions but retained a veto. [E] had absolute power in decision making. 8. The Renaissance began in [A] southern England. [B] eastern France. [C] northern Italy. [D] Austria. [E] southern Russia. 9. What well-traveled Muslim scholar left a journal that has become a valuable historical source? [A] Abu Bakr [B] Edward Said [C] Ibn Battuta [D] Mansa Musa [E] King Sumanguru 10. The Chinese family was considered to include [A] only those living within the father’s household. [B] local government officials. [C] every person of Chinese descent. [D] all generations, living and dead. [E] the immediate family, servants, and slaves.
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AP WORLD HISTORY SEMESTER 1 EXAM QUIZ 11. The economic prosperity of the papacy allowed the popes to [A] build hospitals to aid plague victims. [B] build magnificent new cathedrals, such as Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. [C] build larger armies to fight the Ottoman Empire. [D] make large donations to the poor of Russia. [E] overthrow major European governments. 12. The first financial return from the Portuguese voyages came from [A] the silk trade. [B] the spice trade. [C] the slave trade. [D] the gold trade. [E] None of these 13. John Calvin preached that salvation was granted by [A] good works. [B] good thoughts. [C] faith. [D] predestination. [E] the Pope. 14. Tax farming is
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AP WH Mid Term Exam Practice Test 1 - AP WORLD HISTORY...

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