AP WH Mid Term Exam Practice Test 2

AP WH Mid Term Exam Practice Test 2 - AP World History Mid...

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Unformatted text preview: AP World History Mid Term Exam A 1. The most serious rivals to the Tang Empire were the [A] Mongols and the Berbers. [B] Uigurs and Tibet. [C] Vikings and the Huns. [D] Arabs and Japan. [E] Russians and Korea. 2. Women, especially widows, were often accused of being witches because it was believed that [A] all women were evil. [B] witches usually killed their husbands. [C] women who lived without male authority were susceptible to evil. [D] black cats preferred the company of women. [E] men were incapable of evil. 3. John Calvin preached that salvation was granted by [A] the Pope. [B] faith. [C] good thoughts. [D] predestination. [E] good works. 4. The rise of Mycenaean civilization can be explained primarily through cultural influence from [A] Anatolia. [B] Egypt. [C] Crete. [D] Macedonia. [E] Syria. 5. The first Mongol conquests under Genghis Khan were in [A] Japan and Korea. [B] Egypt. [C] Central Asia, the Middle East, and Russia. [D] Annam. [E] China. 6. The astronomer who first placed the sun at the center of the universe was [A] Isaac Newton. [B] Johannes Kepler. [C] Nicholas Copernicus. [D] John Harvey. [E] Tycho Brahe. 7. Because of the influence of Confucian ethics, Chinese values emphasized [A] independence of children. [B] wealth and business ownership. [C] obedience and proper conduct. [D] rugged individualism. [E] the obligation of the rich to care for the poor. 8. The best primary evidence of early Saharan history consists of [A] histories written on papyrus. [B] the diary of a wandering Islamic scholar. [C] a vast number of rock paintings and engravings. [D] the oral histories of Saharan nomads. [E] accounts by European travelers. 9. The economic prosperity of the papacy allowed the popes to [A] build magnificent new cathedrals, such as Saint Peters Basilica in Rome. [B] make large donations to the poor of Russia. [C] overthrow major European governments. [D] build hospitals to aid plague victims. [E] build larger armies to fight the Ottoman Empire. 10. In return for the use of their lords land, serfs [A] worked as bureaucrats for the monarch....
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AP WH Mid Term Exam Practice Test 2 - AP World History Mid...

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