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e 115 Engineering Thermodynamics Fall 2009 University of California Problem set 2 Due: Friday, September 4 th , in lecture 1) (35 points) One mole of a monatomic ideal gas, initially at 300K and a pressure of 2 atmospheres is subjected to a series of reversible processes ( P ext = P gas + d P ) that ultimately return the system to its original state. a) The first series of processes entails: 1) an isobaric tripling of the volume, 2) an isochoric tripling of the pressure, and 3) a return to the original state along a path prescribed by an equation of the form P = aV 2 + b where pressure is in atmospheres and volume in liters. Make a sketch of the process. Determine the coefficients a and b , and then, the heat and work interactions and the internal energy and enthalpy change of the system associated with each step. b) In a variation of process 1 described in part a), the pressure varies as the volume is tripled. Letting
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