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Unformatted text preview: e 115 Engineering Thermodynamics Fall 2009 University of California Problem set 7 Due: Friday, September 18 th , in lecture 1) ( 15 points ) Two Carnot engines operate in series between two reservoirs maintained at 800°C and 25°C, respectively. The heat rejected by the first engine during its isothermal compression at temperature T provides the heat input for the second engine during its isothermal expansion at temperature T . a) Draw a plausible schematic of the P-V cycles for the two engines, labeling isotherms and adiabats and show how the two cycles are related to one another. ( 5 points ) b) If the efficiency of the first engine, η 1 , is related to the efficiency of the second engine, η 2 , by the relationship, η 1 = η 2 + 0.25 calculate the intermediate temperature T . ( 10 points ) 2. ( 20 points ) At a well known university on the West Coast, the research team of Natalie Kole and her advisor, the distinguished Professor Slaw have been considering the effect of operating pairs of Carnot...
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