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E115_Problem_Set_20 - e 115 Engineering Thermodynamics...

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e 115 Engineering Thermodynamics Fall 2009 University of California, Berkeley Problem set 20 Due: Monday, November 2 nd , in lecture 1) (30 points) An alien space ship was recovered from the depths of Lake Tahoe and shipped to the University of California for study. It is found that this ship is powered by a steam engine, but the working fluid is not water but some unknown substance. The researchers call this new substance Californium (Cf). Some unfortunate graduate students are given the task of tabulating the steam tables for Cf, excerpts of which appear at the end of this problem. Though Cf seems to be very similar to water, it is postulated that using Cf in a steam engine must be more efficient than using water, since everyone knows that aliens are very smart. The Cf steam power plant is illustrated in the schematic below: Cf enters the turbine as vapor at 1000 kPa and 500°C. Saturated vapor leaves the turbine at 200 kPa after undergoing adiabatic expansion through the turbine. The vapor is condensed to saturated liquid Cf and pumped back through the system. The pump causes a slight increase in
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