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E115_Problem_Set_23 - e 115 Engineering Thermodynamics...

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e 115 Engineering Thermodynamics Fall 2009 University of California Problem set 23 Due: Friday, November 13 th , in lecture 1) (25 points) Consider the chemical reaction prototype: aA ( g ) + bB ( g ) = cC ( g ) + dD ( g ) In this problem, you will find the general solution to this generic chemical reaction. a) From the stoichiometry of the reaction, what conditions hold between the infinitesimal changes in the moles of the constituents dn i ? Derive an equilibrium condition for this reaction at constant temperature and pressure. (7 points) b) Write down the definition of Δ G reaction for the reaction as written. Derive the corresponding expression for the equilibrium constant in terms of the partial pressures of the gases. Now, determine the Δ G reaction for the reaction, per mole of C(g) produced. What is the
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