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e 115 Engineering Thermodynamics Fall 2009 University of California Problem set 27 Due: Wednesday, December 2 nd , in discussion 1) (10 points) Recall from Problem Set 26 that an important engineering material is the ceramic-metal composite, where a metallic alloy is annealed under a certain pressure of oxygen so that one of the components oxidizes to form a ceramic and the other phase remains a metal. One such composite has been proposed by a famous Stanfurd materials scientist, Dr. Kroch. Harry is interested in making a composite with a matrix phase of Mg. Mg is a light, strong metal that could be very useful for structural applications in which high strength-to-weight ratio are desired. Our Stanfurd scientist proposes stiffening Mg with sapphire (pure Al 2 O 3 ) whiskers, in part because they are exceedingly expensive, and this is after all, an important thing at Stanfurd. Processing of the composite will be done at 500°C. Determine an oxygen partial pressure such that this material will remain stable (
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