Matlab2.10 - t= tLo:tInc:tHi; g = -9.81; x= 0.5*g*t.^2 +...

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%Livia Kuruvila problem 2.10; v1 = input ('enter starting v1 ' ); h1 = input ('enter starting h1 ' ); tLo = input ('enter starting t' ); tHi = input ('enter ending t'); tInc = (tHi- tLo)/10.0;
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Unformatted text preview: t= tLo:tInc:tHi; g = -9.81; x= 0.5*g*t.^2 + v1*t + h1; y= g*t + v1; plot (t,x) title ('Livia Kuruvila 2.10'); figure plot (t,y) title ('Livia Kuruvila 2.10');...
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