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Observation Paper Rebekah Smith-Anderson 3300-111-057 Gone but Never Forgotten It’s strange how things can change so drastically in a short time. The house that I spent my childhood in now is a constant reminder of heartache. I walk around and the memories play through my head, it feels like it was a different life. The house still smells the same, it looks almost the same, and it feels the same, except for one thing. It’s missing him. The front door, a solid oak, painted white with three circles cut out for glass. To the left are the steps I ran up so many times, to the right is the kitchen I spent many afternoons in standing in awe of my grandparents as they showed me their secret recipes. If I keep walking there is the living room, the far wall mostly windows, two couches and chairs fill the room. My favorite part of this room when I was little was the fireplace, it was my personal stage. There was a cement ledge in front of the fireplace itself and many times I would stand on it and belt my heart out. There is a long hallway off the living room that leads to the bedrooms. The end of the hallway on the right, that’s the room that I love. I open the door and my eyes are immediately drawn to my grandfather’s picture that is hanging on the wall. His beautiful blue eyes gleaming, his lips spread wide in his familiar smile, dressed in a nice
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suit for school. He had been a teacher for many years, and became the Superintendent of a
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Observation Paper - Observation Paper Rebekah...

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