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Quiz4 - NAME Quiz 4 8.14.For the reaction A—>B the...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: Quiz 4 8.14.For the reaction A—>B, the reaction coordinate X is used to indicate extent of the reaction. If there is initially only A (X=0), plot the free energy (G) vs the reaction coordinate (X) over the whole range (X=0—>X=l). Indicate where 6—6 > 0 , 8_G < 0, 6X 5X 6X System Free Energy (G) X (Reaction Coordinate] D Equlllbrlum 1 10.1 A lead storage battery carries out the following reaction: Pb + Pbo2 + 28042' + 4H+ —> 2PbSO4 + 2H20 The E° for this reaction is 2.04V. a. Calculate AGO for this cell at 25°C. b. Suppose when using this battery, 125 amperes are drawn for 15 seconds from a cell. How many grams of Pb would be consumed? ...
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