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Problem Set #1 - 1 - Chem 442 Problem Set #1 DUE: Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008 1) McQuarrie and Simon, Problem 1-8 2) a) McQ&S, 1-19 b) The ionization potential for a Na atom is 5.15 eV. Should this be (or is this) the same as the work function? Why or why not? 3) McQ&S, 1-25 4) McQ&S, 1-40 5) McQ&S, A-1 6) McQ&S, A-6 7) McQ&S, A-9 8) McQ&S, 2-4 9) McQ&S, B-1 10) After playing dice with Dr. Lisy for a while, you noticed that he was able to throw too may 7’s. While you weren’t looking, Dr. Lisy did something to the two dice. You took them and did some measurements.
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Unformatted text preview: You observed the following probabilities. Die #1: p(1) = p(6) =0.071; p(2) = p(5) = 0.143; p(3) = p(4) = 0.286 Die #2: p(1) = p(2) = p(5) = p(6) = 0; p(3) = p(4) = 0.5 a) Determine <i>, <i 2 >, and σ i for each die. b) Compare with the values for the uniform distribution from your class notes. What is the correlation between the shape of the distribution and σ i ? 11) Estimate the minimum uncertainty in the speed of an electron in a one-dimensional region of length 2 a , where a = Bohr radius....
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