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Problem Set #2 - 1 - Chem 442 Homework Set #2 DUE: Thursday, November 6, 2008 1) McQ&S, 3-3 2) McQ&S, 3-6 3) McQ&S, 3-28. In addition, please explain the following points: a) Why is n = 0 a valid (i.e. non-trivial) solution? b) For n 0, E n = E -n (i.e. Ψ n ( θ ) and Ψ -n ( θ ) have the same energy). Can you think of a reason why a 1-D particle on a ring in these states can have a degeneracy of 2, while the 1-D particle in a box has only non- degenerate states? 4) For the 1-D particle in a box of length a , consider the following superposition state made from the two lowest energy eigenstates: Ψ = Ν[ ψ 1 + ψ 2 ] where N is a normalization constant. a) Determine the value of the normalization constant.
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