5- Lab5- Permanganate and Dichromate Titration

5- Lab5- Permanganate and Dichromate Titration - Chem 223:...

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Unformatted text preview: Chem 223: Experiment 5 Redox Oxidation with Potassium Permanganate and Dichromate- Determination of Iron in an Ore. References : Harris: Chap. 16. Harvey. 9D Kealy: pp. 90-94 THIS ExPERImEnt IS PARtLY bASEd on tHE ExPERImEnt 7¡ cHEm ¢5£2¡VILLAno¤A UnI¤ERSItY And ¥xPt¦ 3¢¡ cHEm ¢£ – UW§¡ MonA UnI¤ERSItY¦ A. Redox Titration with Potassium Permanganate. I. Introduction: ¨N ©his eXperiªeN©, ©he per«eN©age Of irON iN aN uNkNOwN irON OXi¬e saªple is ¬e©erªiNe¬ By ©i©ra©iON wi©h a s©aN¬ar¬ sOlu©iON Of pO©assiuª perªaNgaNa©e. ­he Overall rea«©iON is: ®N¯ 4 + 8 H + + ° Fe ±+ ®N ±+ + ° Fe ²+ + 4 H ± ¯ ­O eNsure ©ha© all Of ©he irON iN ©he uNkNOwN is iN ©he Fe ±+ s©a©e priOr ©O ©i©ra©iON, ©he uNkNOwN is ©rea©e¬ wi©h ©iN(¨¨) «hlOri¬e, whi«h re¬u«es aNy sªall aªOuN© Of Fe ²+ ©ha© ªigh© Be preseN©: ³N ±+ + ± Fe ²+ ³N 4+ + ± Fe ±+ ­he eX«ess ³N ±+ is ©heN reªOve¬ By rea«©iON wi©h ªer«ury(¨¨) «hlOri¬e, whi«h prO¬u«es iNsOluBle ªer«ury(¨) «hlOri¬e: ³N ±+ + ± HgCl ± ³N 4+ + Hg ± Cl ± (s) + ± Cl ­he pO©assiuª perªaNgaNa©e is previOusly s©aN¬ar¬ize¬ agaiNs© sO¬iuª OXala©e iN a«i¬ sOlu©iON: ± ®N¯ 4 + ° H ± C ± ¯ 4 + 6 H + ± ®N ±+ + 10 C¯ ± + 8 H ± ¯ ´O©assiuª perªaNgaNa©e a«©s as i©s OwN iN¬i«a©Or BO©h iN ©he s©aN¬ar¬iza©iON aN¬ iN ©he irON ¬e©erªiNa©iON. II. Reagents Provided: * ´repare¬ 0.0± ® K®N¯ 4 sOlu©iON as fOllOw: DissOlve aBOu© ².± g Of K®N¯ 4 iN 1 µ Of ¬eiONize¬ wa©er usiNg a large Beaker. COver ©ha© Beaker wi©h a wa©«h-glass aN¬ hea© ©O BOiliNg (usiNg a hO© pla©e iN ©he hOO¬ firs©) ©O ¬es©rOy re¬u«iBle suBs©aN«es (©ra«es Of OrgaNi«s reªaiNiNg iN ¬eiONize¬ wa©er). Keep ©he sOlu©iON a© a geN©le BOil fOr aBOu© 1 hr. µe© ©he sOlu©iON s©aN¬ OverNigh©. ¶eªOve ®N¯ ± By fil©eriNg ©hrOugh a fil©er «ru«iBle. ­raNsfer ©he sOlu©iON ©O a «leaN aªBer glass-s©Oppere¬ BO©©le; s©Ore iN ©he ¬ark wheN NO© iN use. ¨f ©he sOlu©iON is kep© iN ©he ¬ark aN¬ is NO© a«i¬ifie¬, i©s «ON«eN©ra©iON will reªaiN s©aBle fOr several weeks. Important: ·LEAn tHE ¸ILtER And bEA¹ERS ºSInG A SoLºtIon o¸ SodIºm bISºL¸ItE »ºSE Aboºt ¢G In ¼££ m½ o¸ ¾AtER¦ ³©Ore ©his sOlu©iON iN aN aªBer BO©©le¿¦ Prepare 1 L of 1 M H 2 SO 4 by slowly adding 60 mL of concentrated acid to about 700 mL of water then diluting to 1 L. Dry about 1.5 g of primary-standard sodium oxylate, Na 2 C 2 O 4 , at about 110 °C for at least 1 hr . Cool in the desiccator. Dry the unknown iron ore at 110 C for at least 3 hr . Keep it in the desiccator....
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This note was uploaded on 02/13/2011 for the course CHEMISTRY 223 taught by Professor Tathithao during the Spring '10 term at Hanoi University of Technology.

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5- Lab5- Permanganate and Dichromate Titration - Chem 223:...

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