BUSAD 201 – Career Profile

BUSAD 201 – Career Profile - BUSAD 201...

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BUSAD 201 – Career Profile Joshua M. Hill BUSAD 201 I would choose Accounting and I would like to be a public accountant and probably have my sights set on going into private accounting as my career progresses. The major needed for this career is accounting. My current plan is to supplement this degree with an additional Finance major. I think a lot of the information used in each would be fairly comparable and the double major aspect could broaden my employability in the following years if I decide accounting isn’t the right path, finance could prove to be a solid alternative. In talking to my advisor in the business college I have learned that the additional finance major to supplement the one with accounting would qualify with many of the prerequisites in each major and having a knowledge of both of these fields and how they relate to one another will vastly aide my communication skills whether I end up primary accounting oriented or primary finance based. Either one will suit me at this point, so I figure the bridge of the gap between the two majors only will take a few upper-level finance classes that should be enjoyable and very helpful in the future. In
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BUSAD 201 – Career Profile - BUSAD 201...

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