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Paper Assignment #1: Groundhog Day I A. Phil tries to kill himself because he is bored. 1. Why does Phil become bored? He was enjoying his life of plea- sure for quite awhile. Why does it stop being pleasurable? (20%) 2 . Why is Phil not bored with his life after his suicide attempts? Don't just say what Phil does or say that he is virtuous and so forth, but explain what specific features in his life keep boredom from ever being a possibility. (20%) B. Aristotle says wit is a moral virtue, but humor doesn't seem very important to being a good person. Explain how Phil's actions show the moral value of humor, often in connection with other virtues. Give examples of Phil using humor in morally beneficial ways, explain how it works, and contrast the humor of the new Phil with his earlier use of humor. (30%) C. Kupfer's chapter ignores or treats only briefly some of Phil's and Rita's virtues. Pick one such virtue of either Phil or Rita: 1. State the virtue clearly, including the vicious extremes
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Unformatted text preview: relevant to it. (10%) 2. Analyze the virtue in detail, giving good examples from the movie. (20%) II A. After Phil changes from a self-centered, pleasure-seeking person to a more virtuous individual, he becomes generous. 1. Explain what generosity is, including the vicious extremes. (10%) 2. Discuss the different kinds of thing with which Phil is generous and cite examples from the movie. (30%) B. and C. Same as B. and C. in I Answer either Question I OR Question II Answer all parts, indicating which part you are answering with the appropriate letter or number, but don't rewrite the question. Put answers in your own words; if citing Aristotle or Kupfer, simply put page # in parentheses. Do not retell the story. Papers should be about 1,000 wds. (@4 pp.) typed, standard font. Therefore, each sentence should add new ideas or develop previous ones and writing should be clear and succinct....
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