Philosophy 230 paper - Kant and Drugs

Philosophy 230 paper - Kant and Drugs - Joshua M Hill RD1 1...

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Joshua M. Hill RD1 1. Whenever a maxim is established, it must be compared with a set of standards. The first set of standards involve projecting the maxim into universal law. Recreational drug use, in this case, whenever one feels like it, absolutely cannot be conceived as a universal law. Drugs used every so often are more able to get an immediate pleasurable sensation. It is only logical to think that as illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and ec- stasy become more available and widespread, the users will begin to involve them- selves with the drugs more often and develop a dependency. As the body compensates for such systematic intervals of illicit drug use, a high tolerance will develop, requiring more of the drug to reach one’s “high.” As the body develops a dependency, so does the mind. It is at this point that addiction is seen. As the mind and body become more connected to the drug, inversely, they become less connected to their surroundings and lose touch with the world around them. They are focused on immediate gratification and as use rises, perspective of the world narrows in on the drugs themselves and solely the drugs. Once the drug use has been widespread and many people have become ad- dicted, the people in the U.S. will begin to show tendencies of disconnection from polit- ical and social issues because their focus will be completely directed towards their illicit substances. People addicted to the drugs will start to solely derive pleasure from the use of their drugs rather than anything else. The U.S. is filled with so many people and opportunities; for pleasure to be attained only from the use of a drug is simply back- wards. Free rational choice is seen when one has the freedom to choose whatever, whenever. When people become dependent on a certain drug, their perspective is lim- ited and they cannot see past the immediate gratification that the use of their drug en- titles them to. Free rational choice reveals and explores all options in life, though it 1
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Joshua M. Hill
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Philosophy 230 paper - Kant and Drugs - Joshua M Hill RD1 1...

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