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Josh Hill Journal Entry 3 1/28/11 Relig 205 Last class we continued talking about indigenous religions and once that was wrapping up, we proceeded into the Shinto religion of Japan. I guess the class went as it typically does, however, until we began talking about the societal and historical impacts. When I first read about the Shinto in the Experiencing the World’s Religions textbook, I didn’t have much of a historical concept. I only read about the traditions and noticed how involved the Shinto religion was in the culture of Japan. It’s unusual to think of religion as all-encompassing as it seems to be over in Japan because of how tough it is to imagine religion “dominating” our culture here in America. I think it’s very admirable how much any religion in general can strike such a passion into a group of people. A religion has the power to extend people beyond their average abilities. This in itself is something worth recognizing. Specifically involving the Shinto traditions, we learned about the Kami and
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