MGMT 3000 Ch 4 Assignment

MGMT 3000 Ch 4 Assignment - Dustin Owens MGMT 3000 Ch 4...

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Dustin Owens MGMT 3000 Ch 4 Assignment – Submit in Dropbox by due date to earn credit. Answer the following questions: 1. How are attitudes formed? Which source is stronger? Attitudes are learned. Direct experience with something is the strongest source. 2. Discuss cultural differences in job satisfaction and organizational commitment. OCBs do influence performance evaluations. Employees who help others, suggest innovations, and develop their skills receive higher performance ratings. 3. What are the major influences on attitude behavior correspondence? Why do some individuals seem to exhibit behavior that is inconsistent with their attitudes? The reasons why people do not always act in accord with their attitudes has been the focus of much social psychological research, as have the factors that account for why people change their attitudes and are persuaded by such influences as the media. There is strong support for the view that attitude-behavior consistency and persuasion cannot be well understood without reference to the wider social context in which we live. Although attitudes are held by individuals, they are social products to the extent that they are influenced by social norms and the expectations of others. 4. What should managers know about emotions at work? When events at work are positive and goals are being met, employees experience positive emotions and are inspired to perform more OCBs. Events that threaten or thwart the achievement of goals cause negative emotions, endangering employees’
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MGMT 3000 Ch 4 Assignment - Dustin Owens MGMT 3000 Ch 4...

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