Martial arts is used in several ways in life

Martial arts is used in several ways in life - Martial arts...

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Martial arts is used in several ways in life. Some has made martial arts their profession where they earn money by either performing or practicing martial arts. People also use martial arts to protect themselves against any danger or harm. Besides that martial arts today has been used in many movies and practiced all around the world in every way.However there are people all around the world who misuse the particular martial arts which they have learnt. Basically there are many types of martial arts around the world.For example,there is the Chinese styles, the Japanese styles, the Korean Martial Arts, the European Martial Arts and also the mixed Martial arts.Then there is also the Indian and Brazilian style which is very unique in its own way. Capoeira is an activity that combines martial arts, exercise, dance movements , and game strategy that originated in Brazil. It is both an art form and method of self-defense involving a lot of aerobic activity, flexibility, endurance, and alertness. It is also played as a game which focuses on technique, skill, and strategy of movements rather than beating or injuring the opponent. Participants of capoeira (called Capoeiristas) often show the movement or attack without full execution and often don’t make physical contact with their opponents. Each “attack” by the opponent becomes a way to show a creative escape technique rather than a more difficult “attack”. There are no specific rules of play as in most other sports. Although there is not one clear origin of capoeira, it is thought to be developed by African slaves working on sugar plantations in Brazil in the 1600s. It began as a way for the slaves, in secrecy, to build up mental and physical strength with the intention of being used in
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Martial arts is used in several ways in life - Martial arts...

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