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Lecture 7 - Conformity

Lecture 7 - Conformity - Social Psychology Lecture 7...

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Social Psychology Lecture 7 Conformity Social influence Efforts by one or more individuals to change the behaviors of others Several aspects of social influence: Conformity - to adhere to existing social norms Compliance - direct requests from one person to another Obedience - one person simply orders to perform some action(s) Conformity Pressures result from social norms Most people conform to social norms No conformity social chaos Sherif’s conformity studies Ambiguous situation- autokinetic effect Day 1 – participant judged movement of a dot of light o The dot did not move at all o Participant estimated how much dot moved Day 2 – participants indicate different amount of movement o Confederates say are in experiment and say that the dot moved 1 foot o Participants said the same measurement as the confederates Because its not really clear who is right o Conformity to a social norm Asch’s conformity studies
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Non-ambiguous situation o Had to judge which comparison line matched with the standard line All judgments made after hearing others’ judgments o Judgments conformed to others judgments
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