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Unformatted text preview: 332:226 Probability and Stochastic Processes Examination 1 March 12, 2009 You have 110 minutes to answer the following four questions in the notebooks provided. This is a closed book exam; neither notes nor calculators are permitted . Make sure that you have included your name, Rutgers netid and signature in each book used (5 points). Leave your exam paper stapled to your exam blue book (5 points). Read each question carefully. All statements must be justified. Computations should be simplified as much as possible. 1. 50 points SHORT ANSWERS: You must explain your answers to these unrelated questions. (a) A Starburst candy package contains 12 individual candy pieces. Each piece is equally likely to be red, orange, yellow or pink, independent of all other pieces. What is the probability that a Starburst package has only no pink pieces? (b) For events A and B , P [ A ∪ B ] = P [ A ] and P [ A ∩ B ] = 0. What is P [ B ]?...
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