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You Decide 2 paper

You Decide 2 paper - Week 6 YOU DECIDE COMMUNICATING VALUE...

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Week 6 YOU DECIDE--- COMMUNICATING VALUE VIA PROMOTION! 1 Week 6 Communicating Value Via Promotion You Decide Assignment Chauncey Jones Devry University Marketing Management Professor Martha Buxton February 7, 2011
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Week 6 YOU DECIDE--- COMMUNICATING VALUE VIA PROMOTION! 2 1. Given what you read, what questions and concerns do you have for the Marketing Director of Consumer Products? Graves Enterprises Floor Care Products Consumer and Commercial Product Di- visions have been working aggressively to create an Integrated Marketing Communica- tions Plan. The Integrated Marketing Communications Plan (IMC) “evaluates the stra- tegic roles of a variety of communications disciplines for example, general advertising, direct response, sales promotion, and public relations- and combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum impact through the seamless integration of messages.” (Kolter & Keller, 2009). However, even though the Marketing Director of Consumer Products Division, Joshua Edwards, has worked with his team to generate multiple ideas that he has presented as an IMC plan it needs to be reviewed with a crit- ical analysis because it does appear to meet the definition. After reviewing the plan sent by Joshua and having the Financial Analyst, Abbey Buzwelda, report that the Consumer Product Division campaign will not break even until Year TWO which will not meet the profitability goals of the company. The second part of Abbey’s report addressed the fact that the Commercial and Consumer Products division could have economies of scale by working together in their marketing communications. Let’s look at what needs to be done first in order establish a strong Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Graves Enterprises.
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