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Chapter 3 Exercises and Answerss

Chapter 3 Exercises and Answerss - run-length encoding What...

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Chap 3 Chapter 3 Exercises and Answers 40. Evaluate the following expressions, where A is 11111110 and B is 00000010 using two’s complement. a. A + B b. A – B c. B – A d. –B e. – (–A) a. 00000000 b. 11111100 c. 00000100 d. 11111110 e. 11111110 49. What is the main difference between the ASCII and Unicode character sets? ASCII uses 8 bits per character & Unicode uses 16 bits per character. ASCII has 256 characters & Unicode has over 65000 characters. ASCII is used for English, but the goal of the designers of Unicode wanted represent all the world’s characters. Therefore, Unicode is universally used where as ASCII is not. ASCII is a subset of Unicode. 51. How would the following string of characters be represented using
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Unformatted text preview: run-length encoding? What is the compression ratio? AAAABBBCCCCCCCCDDDD hi there EEEEEEEEEFF *A4BBB*C8*D4 hi there *E9FF Compression ratio: 0.675 27/40 52. What does code *X5*A9 represent using run-length encoding? XXXXXAAAAAAAAA 56. What is an RGB value? The RGB values is the 3 numbers that represent the contribution of (Red, Green, Blue) in html code. 65. What does an RGB value of (130, 0, 255) mean? medium contribution of red, no contribution of green, full contribution of blue. 66. What color does an RGB value of (255, 255, 255) represent? White 72. Name two types of video compression. Temporal compression & spatial compression 75. What are the techniques called that shrink the sizes of movies? Video codecs...
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