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Unformatted text preview: “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH” Film critics said of Al Gore’s message: “It’s a Global Warning” “Climate change is the major challenge Climate facing the world” facing “By far the most terrifying film you will ever By see” see” Now playing in selected theatres………… What can be done? What RETHINK- workplace, home, travel needs REDUCE- could I do with less? REUSE-could I reuse wherever possible? RECYCLE- could I recycle wherever RECYCLEpossible? possible? The The 4 Rs could be your contribution to reducing environmental impact and building a more sustainable future building What is Sustainability? What A long term commitment to: Effective protection of the environment Careful use of natural resources High and stable levels of socio-economic High growth growth How can procurement support sustainability? sustainability? The huge buying power of the public sector The can be harnessed to support can Increased Reduced SOCIO- ECONOMIC benefits ENVIRONMENTAL impact So what is Sustainable Procurement? Procurement? “Sustainable Sustainable Procurement is about taking environmental, social and economic factors into account in purchasing decisions” decisions” about looking at what your products are made of, where they come from and who has made them” who “It’s It’s Am I bothered about socioAm economic benefits? Do I want to: Ensure suppliers get a “Fair” price? Support the local economy (local labour)? Avoid child labour/ forced labour and help to Avoid enforce human rights? enforce Support small companies (SMEs)? YES! _____________________________________ Am I bothered about environmental impact? impact? Do I want: Better use of natural resources? Reduction in climate change impact? More energy efficient buildings? More energy efficient transport? Reduction in waste? YES! __________________________________ Is the Government bothered? Is YES! The Government has accepted the The recommendations of the Sustainable Procurement Task Force (SPTF) March 2007 Procurement There will be a “Quick Win” Action Plan: It will ask the public sector to get to a minimum It base position by April 2008 base It will ask for urgent action on Environmental It issues issues Government bothered?- the detail Government Public sector is to set an example Government departments already facing Government stringent targets stringent Councils urged to stop complaining about the Councils extra cost of going green extra And to adopt whole life costing And And to look for long term efficiency gains And to stimulate the local market for sustainable And products/ materials products/ Is SECE bothered? Is Yes! SECE is funding a major project through its SECE Commodities, Goods & Services work stream (CGS) to get things moving so that by April 2008:2008: All All Councils expected to achieve Level 1 of the SPTF Flexible Framework SPTF All Councils expected to have completed a All series of “Quick Win” Environmental initiatives series What is the Flexible Framework and what is Level 1? and The The SPTF recommended the public sector to approach sustainable procurement achievements in a gradual fashion but within a common structure- hence a “flexible framework” “flexible has 5 Levels, leading edge councils would get to Level 4 or 5 by end 2009 would It It What does Level 1 call for? What Appoint a Sustainable Procurement “Champion” Train staff/ raise staff awareness Sign up to a Sustainable Procurement Policy Specify Sustainability wherever appropriate to delivery Use Sustainable criteria & whole life costing in such Use cases as part of tender evaluation cases Have a sustainable contract condition in all contracts Target Waste/Construction/Products for “quick wins” Engage with key suppliers/contractors Do impact analysis afterwards Why an Environmental Products project? project? Waste and Construction projects are already advanced Waste in most councils in Environmental PRODUCTS is now the additional focus Environmental Govt “Quick Wins 2007” Minimum Specs List is the basis Will also promote wider achievement of EMAS (ECO Will Management and Audit Scheme) under which Councils Management -Implement initiatives to minimise environmental impact of -Implement all council purchases of goods and services all -Work in partnership with Council suppliers and contractors -Work to minimise environmental impact of their goods and services services And how much extra is all this going to cost? going Q. How do you balance the potentially conflicting approach of achieving cashable savings targets while also trying to address sustainability issues which may end up costing the council more? which A. “Good procurement is sustainable procurement” (ergo is smart procurement) procurement” John Healey HM Treasury John Smart Procurement Part 1 Smart Every Every Council should adopt the principles and practices of: and Full option appraisal Best Value Whole life costing (including sustainable Whole considerations) considerations) Assuming this happens, go on to Part 2…. Smart Procurement Part 2 Smart Now you are using whole life costing you need to: Get Get sustainable considerations into your SORs when appropriate, leading to………….. leading Some or all of Equalities, Quality Systems, Health & Safety, Workforce matters and Environmental matters becoming scored and weighted evaluation criteria……… That will make a sustainable difference to the That outcome…… outcome…… SUMMARY SUMMARY Rewind. The 4 R s: Rethink Reduce Reuse Recycle Play. The 2 F s: Flexible Framework Fast forward. To Level 1 April 2008 Any Questions? Any Acknowledgement to Kirklees MBC for their exemplar documentation on which this production has drawn which Jonathan Campbell Corporate Procurement Manager East Sussex County Council ...
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