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Unformatted text preview: YEDTTEPE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES PHYSICS DEPARTMENT NAME 8: SURNAME: ............................................... 4- a- Why is it dangerous to touch the inside of electronic devices like a television even if the electrical power is switched off? (5 pts), C RISER. w: Iii-age ) v Cavemen—s Mata mu '02 cwwr‘nb abuse 2 3° ‘3: ‘6‘“ O. \oUJ‘vA or ex shack. b- Show that the electrical energy stored per unit volume in any region of space is £30132 , (10 pts) 4Q p Q‘gdyo $ch PakAHaQ.-; '2, Q. «iii/y ' meet” ”iii *4 '37 twink P lode C“ WW (1; 20 {f ( on (1%“? macaw) c- How much energy must a 30 V battery use to charge a 0.40 ,uF and a 0.20 yF capacitor fully when they are placed in series? (10 pts) PHYS 102 MIDTERM I 04* July 2009 ...
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