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cpt24-6 - PHYS 102 MIDTERM EXAM 1 Student Name& Surname...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 102 MIDTERM EXAM 1 Student Name & Surname: 4- Two different dielectrics fill the space between the square parallel plates of a capacitor with plate separation d; ‘ a- Write the capacitance C in terms of the dielectric constants K1 , K2, the length of the plate L and the plate separation d1 = d2 = d l 2 , as shown in Figure 4a; (9 pts), b- If a portion of depth L and of width x is cut out from the dielectric with K2 as shown in Figure 4b, find the new capacitance, Cnew, (10 pts), c- Write the energy U stored for both casesi if the potential difference between the plates is V0 . (6 pts). 2.1.1 7:32.. 5‘52””, [61% c! 21‘h March 2008 ...
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