org 2 EXAM 2 2008 - EXAM 2 Spring, 2008 CHEM 2344B Name:_...

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EXAM 2 Spring, 2008 CHEM 2344B Name:__________________ General exam rules and instructions: 1. All books, papers, cell phones, pagers, calculators and all other materials (with the exception of a pen, pencil and eraser) are to be in a bag and placed AWAY from the exam area (for example: in front of the room). 2. All electronics MUST be turned off, any cell phone or pager that is heard during the exam will result in all students losing 2 bonus points for this exam. 3. Once you enter the exam room you may only leave if you have completed the exam (this means that you cannot leave and re-enter the exam room). 4. READ ALL QUESTIONS completely and carefully. GOOD LUCK! 1. Name each of the following organic molecules, using the IUPAC naming system is preferred but not mandatory. (12 points) 1a. 1b. H 2 N NO 2 CHO O Br 1c. 1d. O Br Br OH 2. Draw the molecule that corresponds to each name given below. Use dashed lines and wedges to indicate the stereochemistry where needed. (8 points) 2a. meta-ethoxystyrene 2b. 4-formylnon-2,6-dione 2c. 4-ethyl-2-fluorobenzaldehyde 2d. a hemiacetal with the molecular formula C 5 H 10 O 2
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3. Draw out the reaction mechanism using arrow formalism to describe how the reactions below occur. Be sure to draw out all reaction intermediates INCLUDING ALL IMPORTANT RESONANCE STRUCTURES and fully explain (with words or pictures) why this product is formed. You do not need to indicate or draw out the
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org 2 EXAM 2 2008 - EXAM 2 Spring, 2008 CHEM 2344B Name:_...

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