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True / False Questions : 1. T / F – The Program Status Word contains status information in the form of condition codes, which are bits typically set by the programmer as a result of program operation. ANS : F (set by the processor hardware) 2. T / F – The processing required for a single instruction on a typical computer system is called the Execute Cycle. ANS : F (called the Instruction Cycle) 3. T / F – A fetched instruction is normally loaded into the Instruction Register (IR). ANS : T 4. T / F – Complex operating systems today typically consist of a few thousand lines of instructions. ANS : F (hundreds of thousands or millions) 5. T / F – A typical UNIX system employs two Running states, to indicate whether the process is executing in user mode or kernel mode. ANS : T 6. A process that cannot execute until some event occurs is said to be in the _______________ state. 7. ANS: blocked 8. T / F – The concept of thread synchronization is required in multithreaded systems because threads of a single process share the process’s process control block (PCB). ANS : F (because they share the same address space) 9. T / F – In a pure User-Level Thread (ULT) facility, all of the work of thread management is done by the application, but the kernel is aware of the existence of threads. ANS
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CISC_530_Midterm_With_Answer - Midterm test CSCI_530 True /...

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