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Individual Research Project Quarter: Fall 2010 The objectives of this research project are the followings: 1. Have a research experience using the Textbook, Internet, and Learning Resources/Library . 2. Get familiar with APA Style formatting. 3. Create a PowerPoint presentation. 5. Prepare yourself for the Directed Research Project. Student Research Projects The following 3 categories are topics for your research projects: Designing a Home Security System using internet and advanced monitoring technology. Advances in internet communications Advances in Operating Systems Please first do some research and pickup a topic that you are interested in. Also, please be advised that you should not ask or submit your own topic or the topic of a paper that you have written for another class. ___________________________________________________ Followings are the due dates for the project: _______________ ____________________________________ 1 - Paper outline Please submit your paper outline for approval using the following criteria by next week: a- Writing Style: APA style formatting b- Text Processing: Microsoft Word 2003-7 or Rich Text Format (.rtf) c- Due date: Week 5 _______________ ____________________________________ 2- PowerPoint Presentation Please Create a PowerPoint Presentation from the content of your paper using the following criteria: a- Numb er of Slides: 10-15 b- Conten t: Key features of the Paper. c-
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CSCI_530_Individual_Research_Project_Fall_2010 (1) -...

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