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MCDB_1A_MT2_Green_2_ - Name TA MCDB 1A Midterm Examination...

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Name _________________________ TA ________________________ MCDB 1A Midterm Examination I November 10, 2010 Scantron Instructions: 1. Use a #2 pencil to complete the form. 2. Write your name and fill in the appropriate bubbles. 3. Write your perm. number in the ID number box and fill in the bubbles. 4. Write the color of your test in the space underneath the ID number box. 5. Fill in the entire rectangle of the answer you choose. If you erase, erase completely READ ALL QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY----IN ALL CASES, PICK THE BEST ANSWER 33 QUESTIONS -3 POINTS EACH 1 Question Test Color ---- 1 Point 1. A skin cell in your pet dog has a total of 78 chromosomes, or 39 pairs of homologous chromosomes. Following mitosis, the daughter cells would have a total of ____ chromosomes. After meiosis I, the two daughter cells would have ____ chromosomes, and after meiosis II, each daughter cell would have ___ chromosomes. A. 78,39,39 B. 78,78,39 C. 39, 39, 39 D. 78, 39, 78 E. None of the above 2. During anaphase: A. Anaphase B movement involves microtubule motors and interpolar microtubules that lengthen, resulting in pushing apart of the poles B. The two chromatids of each chromosome remain attached to each other C. Anaphase A movement involves shortening of the interpolar (polar) microtubules D. The spindle microtubules become attached to the kinetochores E. The plus ends of the spindle microtubules become anchored to the spindle poles 3. Gene reassortment during formation of eggs and sperm occur during 4. Which one of the following pairs is mis-matched? MCDB 1A MT2 Green (2) Version: 2 Page: 1
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MCDB_1A_MT2_Green_2_ - Name TA MCDB 1A Midterm Examination...

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