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MCDB_1AL_Quiz_3_2009 - Name TA MCDB 1A Lab Quiz 3 December...

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Name _________________________ TA ________________________ MCDB 1A Lab Quiz 3 December 2-6, 2009 Scantron Instructions: 1. Use a #2 pencil to complete the form. 2. Write your name and fill in the appropriate bubbles. 3. Write your perm. number in the ID number box and fill in the bubbles. 4. Fill in the entire rectangle of the answer you choose. If you erase, erase completely READ ALL QUESTIONS CAREFULLY; CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER 34 Questions worth 1 Point Each (Unless noted otherwise) 1. The gel below shows the products of amplification of TPA25, just as you did in lab, for 6 people (The molecular weight standards are in the last lane on the right). The number of people that are homozygous for the alu insertion is A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 5 E. 6 2. If the first lane (lane 1) shows the results for an orphan child, and the next 5 lanes show the results for potential mothers, which of the following statements best fit the results 3. What are the minimum volumes for the pipettes A-C (in that order )? 4. After amplification of TPA25 and agarose gel electrophoresis, just as you did in lab, you obtain the results shown below. What is the best explanation of the results shown in lane marked with an asterisk (*)? A. This individual has 3 Fathers? (Uh-oh) B. You forgot to add primers to the PCR reaction C. This individual is triploid D. There is non-specific amplification during PCR (i.e. mis-priming) E. This individual shows several new alu insertions MCDB 1AL Lab Quiz 3 Version: 0 Page: 1
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5. Find the chromosome on the slide. What process(es) could NOT be occurring in the lighter, less intensely stained parts of the chromosome (mark all answers that are correct) ? Worth 2 points and partial credit will be given. 6. Place the prepared slide on the microscope stage. The prepared specimen on the slide is a(n) When you are finished with this question, please 1. remove the slide and place it on the bench 2. lower the stage 3. Place the 4x objective in the light path A. plant root B. bacteria C. animal embryo D. protist E. sea urchin gamete
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MCDB_1AL_Quiz_3_2009 - Name TA MCDB 1A Lab Quiz 3 December...

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