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Unformatted text preview: 113 Unit Ttum; Bandits 15. Suppose that alleles for a sex-linked character for wing shape in Droscphile show incomplete domi- name.TheX"'alleleoodesforpointedwings,the If for round wings, and r” X’ individuals have oval wings. In a crossbetween an oval-winged fe- male and a round—winged male, the following off— spring were observed: oval-winged females, round-winged females, pointedeinged males, and round-winged males. A rare pointed-winged femalewasncted.whatcculdacoountforthisun- usual offspring? a. acrossoverbetween thetwox chromosome h.scrossoverhetweenthe)iand‘t'chromosomes c. a nondisjunction in meiosis 11 between two Xl' chromatids d. a nondisjunction in meiosis 1 between the If and Xr chromosomes e. anxl'flfemaleformedwhenanxl' owmwas felfilizedbyra sperm inwhichthere was nosex chromosome due to a nondisjunclion 16. What is the function of the gene SR1"? a. codes for an RNA molecule that costs the X chromosome and initiate; X-inactivstlon aftaae'oinnanatfiaaea its Y chrome" ""‘me' ' c. codes for a protein that regulates genes that control the development of ovaries d.locatedonthe‘t'elu'omosomeandcodesfora protein that regulates genes that control develv opment of testes e. located on the Y chromosome and required for production of nonnal sperm 1?. A mutation in a mimchondrial gene has been linlced to a rare musde—wasting disease. This dis- ease 15- a. found more often in males than females. b. foundmoreoftentnfemalesthanmalee. c. inherited in a simple Mendelian fashion. d. caused bra translocation cfanuclear gene. e. inherited homthe mother. 18. In wtu'ch of thefollowirtg would youexpect to find a Barrbod'jr? manomim hasperm c. aliveroellofaman d.aliveroellofawoman e. amitochondrion A cross between a H'lld'tjfpe mouse and a dwarf mouse homozygous fora recemive mutation in the 13;! gene produces heterozygotes offspring that arenermalifthedwsrfparentwasmemcthenbut dwarf if the dwarf parent was the father. ‘t'iil'dchof the following explains these results? a, sex-linked inheritance h. nionosuomyr c. genomic imprinting by the mother :1. inheritance of n'dhoehortfirial gem e. a mutant XIST allele on. Which of the followingsoste'ments ismttrue about a. Recombination of linked genes occurs by cross- -__. _ HEW ._ . .._. .. b. Recomht' " nation inf-unlinked" gétleamomn'fi ' “ Hilli- dependent assortment of chromosomes. a. Genetic recombmation results in oflspring with combinations of traits that differ from the phe- notypes of both parents. d. Recombinant offspring outnumber parental- typeotfspringwhentwogenesarefiflmapmdts apart on a chromosome. e. The numberof recombinant offspring is proper. limtaltothedistaneebetweentwogenelocion a chromosome. 19. ...
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