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University of Houston C. T. Bauer College of Business Finance 3332 Principles of Financial Management Study Suggestions _________________________________________________________________________ Before class prepare for the chapter to be covered o Read Key Chapter Concepts , Financial Challenge , and Introduction at the beginning of chapter and Summary at the end of chapter o Prepare index cards with boldface terms throughout the chapter and terms to be defined under Questions and Topics for Discussion -- Write the term on one side and definition on the other side Attend class and participate in lecture o Use calculator to solve class example problems o Ask questions if unclear or confused After class (before next class)
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Unformatted text preview: o Review class notes & work/study class example problems o Work/study problem assignments from text o Study text material, taking notes for study & review before exams o Work Old Exam problems which correspond to problems covered in class o Review Old Exam T/F statements, understanding what makes False statements false and being able to rewrite False statements to be True • Before exams, starting one to two weeks before the exam o Review/study class notes o Review/study terms from index cards o Review Questions and Topics for Discussion , re-reading text when needed o Test yourself using old exams, both problems and concepts...
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