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Name __________________________________ University of Houston C. T. Bauer College of Business Finance 3332 Principles of Financial Management Summer, 2007 Exam 1 B To receive full credit, show all work—equations in variable form, equations with numbers plugged in—and clearly indicate your answer. (Point values are in parentheses after each question) 1. Write an algebraic equation for calculating Earnings Per Share, beginning with Revenues. (10) EPS = 2. Seven months ago I purchased 800 shares of stock for $30 per share, and the stock is now worth $28 per share. Last  month, I received dividends totaling $80. What is my holding period return? (8) 3. What is the annualized premium or discount for the one month forward quote for the Norwegian Kroner? (10) Circle the correct term. The Kroner is trading at a forward: premium discount Foreign Exchange Rates (US Dollars) Country Currency Spot Rate 1-Month Forward Norwegian Kroner 0.17154            0.17098 4. Given the following information for Oxfore Corporation, determine Oxfore’s taxable income.  (15) Sales $800,000 operating expenses 200,000 Interest income 50,000 Interest expense 300,000 Dividend income 90,000 Dividends paid 100,000
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5. Landis Company had taxable income of $12,000,000. (18)
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exam1B.ch1ch2ch2A - Name University of Houston C T Bauer...

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