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Terri Punishment Review

Terri Punishment Review - Punishment Review 1 Punishment...

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Punishment Review 1 Punishment Review Terri Nave SOC/120 Cay Freidline January 31, 2011
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2 Punishment Review Since deviant behavior is any action that steps outside society’s perception of normal or moral, then it is reasonable that society has developed specific types of punishment in the attempt to deter the deviant behavior. In the family society, a child who bites a sibling is punished, because biting is not acceptable behavior. Each society a person enters into has specific forms of punishment for the inappropriate or deviant behavior, family, school, work, sports, and society in general. The focus of this paper is society in general. What forms of punishment has been identified by sociologists, how each type of punishment is intended to work, which type deters crime more effectively, and how each type benefits both offenders and victims is the objective of this report. Sociologists have determined four types of punishment, retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and social protection (Marcionis, 2006). Retribution would be the oldest form of punishment dating back to the earliest forms of civilization. Vengeance would be another type of retribution. In some Middle Eastern countries, a thief has a hand cut off. During biblical days, women were stoned for adultery. In each of these examples, society has agreed that the punishment fit the crime. Although these examples leave very little room for the so-called criminal to reform, each society believes the offenders suffered as much as the victims (Marcionis, 2006). The second form of punishment is deterrence, an attempt to discourage deviance by making the punishment harsher than the deviant behavior itself (Marcionis, 2006). Deterrents are seen in many forms, warnings to customers of the effects of shoplifting, laws established by governments against speeding, public intoxication, public nudity, and so on, and copyright laws. There are two ways to deter crime by punishment, specific and general deterrence. Specific
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Terri Punishment Review - Punishment Review 1 Punishment...

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